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Welcome to Lite-House - LED Lighting Solutions

At Lite-House we specialise in revolutionary techniques and materials to illuminate in ways you never thought possible, creating stunning installations and providing exceptional lighting solutions and systems for:

Leading UK Manufacturers of the amazing FLATLITEŽ material & LED LightPanels

While the technology behind LED lighting solutions has changed dramatically over recent years, typical installations have followed traditional methods of attaching bulbs to various points around the room and simply increasing the number of bulbs to gain the most consistent light levels.

We focus on innovative light sources that include thin, flat and low energy consumption technology!

At Lite-House we're taking the latest developments in LED lighting and changing how the technology is implemented - creating FLATLITEŽ light sheets that are thinner than a credit card as well as Led Lightboxes and panels that deliver exceptional uniformity across their entire surface, whilst making optimal use of energy to reduce running costs and follow carbon footprint guidelines.

Talk to us about your ideas for lighting today!

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LED Litepanel™
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FLATLITEŽ is changing the way we think about lighting - and enables you to install consistent, high-quality lighting in just about any location. Supplied as electroluminescent panels or strips, FLATLITEŽ can simply be cut to size and then crimp-clipped with a power source to produce a uniform light output over its entire length. The applications for FLATLITEŽ are infinite and we find that its use is increasing rapidly as commercial LED lighting, architectural feature lighting and even for fine-art installations. With a little creativity and nothing more complex than some cutting tools, FLATLITEŽ can be shaped and fitted for any location and accepts both AC and DC power supplies for even greater flexibility.

Spend a little time browsing our site now to see some of the exciting and innovative LED lighting solutions and systems that Lite-House can bring to any residential, commercial or architectural project, then talk to us about your ideas for lighting. We'll be happy to show you how we can transform any space with ingenious systems that utilise our FLATLITEŽ strips and sheets, Light panels, Lightboxes or additional LED products.