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Backlighting Solutions

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At Lite-House we specialise in innovative backlighting solutions, using LED light panels to create uniform backlighting techniques and materials to illuminate in ways you never thought possible, creating stunning installations and providing exceptional lighting solutions and systems for:

  • Artists
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects

Innovative LED lighting solutions and systems

Spend a little time browsing our site now to see some of the exciting and innovative LED lighting solutions and backlighting systems that Lite-House can bring to any exhibition, gallery, residential, commercial or architectural project, then talk to us about your ideas for lighting. We'll be happy to show you how we can transform any space with ingenious systems that utilise our bespoke led light sheets, Art Light boxes or our Architectural lighting products.

We focus on UK made led lighting  that is thin and reliable  with outstanding performance for the right application.

At Lite-House we are taking the latest developments in LED backlighting and combining that with translucent substrates and printing techniques to create stunning applications. Our areas of experience include:

Talk to us about your ideas, the challenges you are facing or just call us for advice.

Backlighting Solutions

Lite House have been the leading supplier of bespoke Fine Art Light boxes to galleries and artists worldwide since 2008. Lite House are a specialist lighting company and UK manufacturer of LED Light Panels and LED Light Sheets and have vast experience in backlighting.

bespoke Fine Art Light boxes

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Art Light Box are the UK's leading manufacturer of bespoke fine art light boxes created to the highest possible standard made entirely in the UK.


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