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LED Lighting Panels

The Lite-House LED Light Panel is a revolutionary lighting solution bringing incredible new possibilities to illumination.

Our LED Light Sheets are ground breaking in terms of the technology employed within, creating a product of unrivalled quality and versatility. At only 8mm thick and with a perfectly even illumination across the entire surface of the panel we are opening up new possibilities for lighting, which have never been possible before.

The LED light panel is constructed from a clear PMMA acrylic that is etched using V-cutting polished technology. This patented engraving technique ensures light is evenly distributed across the surface of the acrylic, allowing for your translucent substrate to be added in front.

The LED LightPanel uses patented technology to achieve these outstanding qualities. Constructed from clear optical grade acrylic which is laser etched with a uniform matrix and securely embedded with thermally managed LEDs. The etched matrix within the LED light sheet carries a bright, even light across the surface of the panel. Each LED LightPanel is manufactured in the UK and the panels come in sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm. The LED panels can be cut into shapes, letters and logos as desired, exact colour temperatures can also be specified as can colour changing RGB panels.

At Lite-House we specialise in bespoke solutions for individual projects and installations, we have specified our LED Light Panel into a whole range projects with stunning results. From a stunning, high end architectural installation requiring precision cut sizes of LED panel or the even lighting of beautiful, dense natural Onyx surfaces. Backlit LED Lightboxes are another example of the diversity of LED Light Panel. Fine art and photography requires working closely with the artist to achieve the perfect colour temperature to enhance the subject matter accordingly.

These are just a few of the possibilities when using LED Light Panel technology to achieve stunning lighting results never before possible.

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