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Interior Design Lighting

Illuminating Lighting Solutions for Interiors of all Descriptions

At Lite-House we are experts in bringing distinctive illumination to bespoke architecture, environments, artwork and surfaces. Utilising innovative and practiced techniques we focus on consistently delivering outstanding lighting using both traditional and unconventional substrates.

Forefront of the Industry

Innovation is at the core of everything that we do. For this reason we are committed to being at the forefront of LED lighting technology. We employ a team of research and development professionals who seek to bring new and exciting Led Backlighting techniques to substrates and printed mediums, tailored to individual d�cor.

Interior Design Lighting Illuminated Lighting Contemporary Interior Lighting LEd Ceiling Lighting

The Characteristics of Contemporary Design

Clean lines, smooth surfaces and varied textures are synonymous with contemporary design. Lite-House has extensive experience of how to illuminate modern and traditional materials in the most effective manner. Whether the substrate is Onyx, natural stone, recycled glass or a printed panel, Lite-house has a lighting solution for this.

Environmental Benefits

Take some time to browse our selection of lighting solutions and you'll see the results of our R&D. Through our ingenuity we have developed a plethora of designs, ideal for either commercial or domestic environments. Indeed, a truly original and luminescent appearance is achieved. From LED Light Boxes for fine art installations to lightings designs that prove to be a focal point of the room our lighting adds that extra design element to any environment.

Brilliant Savings

An expansive lighting solution doesn't mean expansive prices. Whether for lighting Art or personal domestic application, we promise value for money. The very nature and longevity of LED lighting allows consumers to enjoy cost-effective lighting . Indeed, LEDs can routinely last for between 50,000-100,000 hours. There really is no more cost-effective and efficient way to illuminate interiors.

From unique architectural interior lighting to exquisitely illuminated artwork that's as striking as it is individual, here at Lite-House we can fulfil your needs. To find out more, contact us today on: 0118 324 7340.

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