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Public Space & Architectural Lighting

Bespoke Lighting, Perfect for Public Environments

The interior aesthetics of any large premises should be comfortable, welcoming, and well lit, highlighting any prominent architectural features and particular aspects of the room. At Lite-House we understand this. Our creative lighting solutions are well engineered, high quality and can be customized.

Bespoke Contemporary Lighting

Our industrial LED lighting blends effortlessly into a wealth of environments. Whether you have a contemporary bar area, one that would benefit from ambient lighting or a museum with complex lighting requirements, we can deliver creative lighting solutions, tailored to your individual space.

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We have significant experience creating bespoke lighting for museums and galleries. Should you have a valuable antiquities and meticulously designed exhibits, LED lighting is paramount. Our LED museum lighting creates no harmful UV and can be powerful but still cost effective.

Every Day Requirements

Our range of led lighting and led light boxes can be used to effect within public spaces for safety and guidance systems, creating bright and clearly defined zones for the visitor

The ECA Energy Scheme

Lite-house can now help businesses generate enhanced tax relief through the launch of a new range of LEDs which qualify under the government's ECA Energy Scheme to manage climate change. Please ask about the tax relief available .

Aesthetics and Cost

Our committed and talented R&D team is well-versed creating exquisite illumination for your Public environment. We listen to your personal requirements and have the knowledge to design bespoke lighting solutions.

To find out more information about why our LEDs have proven to be so popular with consumers, or to ask us any questions, contact us today on: 0118 324 7340.

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