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Commercial & Architectural LED Lighting

Bespoke LED Architectural Lighting Ideal for Residential & Commercial Application

Experienced Architectural Lighting Specialists

Lite-House offer lighting solutions for a multitude of architectural requirements. We specialise in providing commercial LED lighting solutions for Led light walls, illuminated reception desks or back illuminated artwork. Lite-House supply LED Light Sheets and led matrix pads to offer thin but even illumination of focal points or feature pieces.

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Innovative Technology

Our LED Light Sheets utilise innovative LED technology. They provide exceptional uniformity across the entire surface, providing unrivalled luminescence wherever employed. Lite-house specialise in providing bright - dimmable even illumination where minimal depth is available

Aesthetic Advantages In our LED's

An LED light panel characterised by a slim profile and manufactured in the UK to bespoke requirements , this innovative and versatile flat backlighting personifies creativity and complex aesthetic illumination that simply cannot be achieved with florescent light bulbs. Whether employed for decorative or functional purposes, the range of vibrant colours and individual designs offered by LEDs only serves to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of an environment.

Cost Saving Lighting

LED bulbs can last as much as 100,000 hours. Fluorescent bulbs can last as long as 1,000 hours. Despite the higher initial financial outlay, commercial LED lighting is much more cost-effective in the long term. Additionally, LED light sources are more robust and require less frequent maintenance, compared to their florescent counterparts, thereby providing optimal performance over an enhanced period of time.

Whatever the scope or scale of your project, Lite-House can create a singular lighting experience that perfectly complements with even the most bespoke architectural features. Should you have designs on creating an awe-inspiring interior or exterior environment, we can help. Contact us today on: 0118 324 7340.

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