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Back Illuminated Stone

Backlit Onyx, Illuminated Marble Stone

Led lighting solutions to evenly illuminate all forms of translucent stone, from 20mm thick back illuminated onyx to thin sliced stone bonded to a resin substrate, we have many years experience working with an array of different back lit materials.

We make Custom sized led light sheets and modular back lighting systems that  allow the natural beauty of stone to show through, making it possible to achieve seamless, monolithic translucent stone walls and features of backlit onyx stone and marble.

Involvement from the start is always the preferred option, we will attend site, meet with contractors and architects to discuss the scheme  in details.

We can help advise on fixing methods, channels and trim and work together to get the perfect outcome. Every piece of translucent material is different and we advise on testing with our samples or we are always keen to do the testing for you.

Back Illuminated Stone Solutions

The Key to success of any back lighting project is to understand the way the various lighting techniques will can effect the stone and how construction methods effect the final look.

Natural Stone will have different faults and areas of beauty, the job is to work with these to bring out the best in both product.

Testing of the material is the key phase of the project and the sooner this is worked on the better. Once this knowledge has been gained the right led product can be chosen for the level of brightness and budget and the desired and pre-tested construction method can be agreed on and drawn up. This approach ensures the right finished look at the agreed cost first time.