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Back Lighting
Backlighting Solutions

Backlighting Solutions

Lite House backlighting panels , characterised by it's slim profile and manufactured in the UK to bespoke requirements, this innovative and versatile led light panel is made up to 1.8mtrs x 3mtrs and is suitable for a variety of applications.

The LED light sheet, light guiding pattern  ensures even light distribution across the surface of the acrylic, allowing any translucent substrate to be added in front Whether you are illuminating 20mm thick natural onyx or a fine art duratran print with a hand sprayed frame, we can create a solution for you.

Art Light Box Art Light Box

Art Light Box

Bespoke fine Art Light boxes

Lite House have been the leading supplier of bespoke Fine Art led Light boxes to galleries and artists worldwide since 2008. Lite House are a specialist lighting company and UK manufacturer of Led Light Panels and Led Light Sheets and have vast experience in backlighting and the construction of led light boxes.

Light Box solutions for backlighting fine art photography and transparencies. In house printing of large scale artwork and a wide range of bespoke framing solutions to suit every artist and gallery.

Bespoke Led light boxes and Fine art printing, created and tested directly with the artist.

Lighting Solutions Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions

LED Light sheet panels

Lite House is a UK made manufacturer of LED light sheet panels for architecture and interior design lighting features. We can supply the largest and thinnest Light guide panel with an even spread of illumination to custom shapes and sizes to fit any application.

We are experts in backlighting translucent materials with Led Light Sheets that utilises patented technology to achieve even illumination for backlighting.

A Customised backlighting approach to each enquiry, to enhance any material, every construction method and desired light output to make your design and application come to life.

Bespoke Light Box Bespoke Light Box

Bespoke Light Box

Bespoke LED Lightboxes

Lite House supplies bespoke LED lightboxes with our own UK made backlighting led solutions. We supply thin evenly lit LED light boxes that combine cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to produce an outstanding showcase product.

Our art LED light boxes combine cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to produce an outstanding product to showcase fine art pieces  and backlit photography printed in house.

Custom built LED Light Boxes to showcase your creativity. Built to your exact specification. Using our backlight experience we custom make lightboxes using the most reliable uk products with traditional craftsmanship to create a wide variety of back illuminated boxes

Illuminated Surfaces Illuminated Surfaces

Illuminated Surfaces

Led lighting solutions

Lite House delivers led lighting solutions for the backlighting of surface material and wall cladding. Bespoke LED solutions for a uniform illumination of any translucent material with minimal depth.

Back illuminated surfaces add real impact and luxury to a space creating a strong focus and attraction.

The illumination of natural material enhances their inner beauty and depth, highlighting the detail created over millions of years of formulation.