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Illuminated Walls

Illuminated Walls & Systems

Illuminated walls create a striking visual impact in any space, we develop backlit wall systems with even illumination for minimal depth Illuminated walls can be a series of large light boxes or a continuous run of materials, the translucent substrate can range from:

  • Back illuminate onyx walls

  • Printed graphic back lit walls

  • Back illuminated art or photography

  • Illuminated Corian walls
  • Illuminated recycled glass

  • Illuminated wood

Illuminated Wall Solutions

As with most projects we will work with the contractor or architect to evaluate the project brief and ascertain the relationship between the translucent material, light and construction.

  • Will the surface illuminate evenly?

  • What size panels can be produced?

  • What lighting option is best suited for this surface?

  • What structural system will be necessary?

  • How many joints and at what size?

  • Will this surface fit the budget?

  • Is there a VE alternative?

There is no limit to the length of an LED Light Wall. The even illumination provided by the Led light Panel generally needs between 0-40mm diffusion gap depending on the front substrate to hide any of the hotspots from the leds.

Please call us to discuss your application and we will be happy to advise you both how to construct your LED Light Wall and or test the type of substrate you wish to use.