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Stained Glass Lightbox Window

Stained Glass Window Lightbox

For centuries glass artists have been combining religious worship, art, illumination, symbolism and messages in beautiful stained glass windows. 

Over the past 10 years we have made many bespoke light boxes for new pieces of stained glass and helped give a new lease of life to old and precious pieces of stained glass art work. Any Glass window artist will tell you, you cannot beat natural daylight on stained and back painted glass but many stunning windows are no longer in there original frame or housing and have no way to be back lit.

Illuminated Stained Glass Light box

We use high-quality natural daylight leds to back-illuminate the glass and create bespoke frames to re-house the glass and make it suitable to then hang in any setting with a lightbox.

We work extensively with restorers and artists of new work to ensure that the artwork is framed in the strongest and most compassionate way to support it for the future.

It is always important to achieve the correct level of light and saturation of colour through the glass. Many of the pieces of work come from a salvage yard and are then assessed before the final planning for the frame design  and illumination.