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Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Working as the UK partner of D-led since 2014 Lite House has been the sole Uk distributor of D-led architectural lighting products. Project led Luminaires designed for wall grazing and accent lighting d-led develops and manufactures both standard and custom-made LED based lighting fixtures, drivers and light engines, integrating light with electronic control.

D-led has been active in the lighting business for 40 years, and provides led floodlight lighting solutions for entertainment, interior design and architectural markets. Whether the application is Linear Wall Grazing / Wall Washing, architectural downlights or specific Led accent lighting. The D-led range has been created to utilize the latest and most advanced in High-Brightness LED technology for interior and exterior led lighting. Each project is viewed individually and the design of the Led fitting is assessed against the number of leds, beam angle, size of fitting and budget. We create LED based lighting systems, fixtures and controllers and excel in the integration of light and electronic control. We design applications for standard and custom projects alike, and accompany customers from initial concept through the installation phase in order to adjust to its special needs, and provide the best possible fit.

We are adamant about quality; using high grade anodized aluminium, durable polycarbonate and Exclusively Luxeon LEDs our fixture are of the highest quality. Paired with cutting edge electronics on the control side; such as Flicker free dimming and thermal management system to name a few, make our control system a leader for media and architectural applications and can be found in variant projects world-wide.

Indoor Architectural Lighting Indoor Architectural Lighting

Indoor Architectural Lighting

Indoor Architectural led lighting solutions  using the latest generation leds for evenly illuminated wall grazing and wall washing solutions.

Ensuring high performance, simple modularity and reliability, with its patented lens holder system.

Outdoor Architectural Lighting Outdoor Architectural Lighting

Outdoor Architectural Lighting

A huge range of environments can benefit from wall grazing through a wide range of D-led fixtures utilising precision optics to deliver superb colour mixing and the highest quality light output.
LED Drivers LED Drivers

LED Drivers

Adjustable current source solution 12 channel drivers allowing the flexibility needed in driving your high brightness LED’s. Constant voltage and constant current drivers, DMX and DALI enabled.