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Lighting Solutions

Backlighting - Lighting Solutions

15 years of Professional LED backlighting experience. We pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke led lighting solutions to evenly illuminate any substrate.

Every Project is different, whether it is illuminated walls,  backlighting onyx or led light boxes there is a product and or an approach to follow. We like to see the drawings as early as possible to advise on the best construction methods and products to achieve optimum illumination. We love being sent samples to test for an led splashback or back-illuminated stained glass.

We can integrate any of our Lighting Solutions with any control system, be it Dali, 0-10v or mains dimming. This methodology has served us well and aids in the delivery of a successful project with the right and most cost-effective led solution. 

LED Light Sheet LED Light Sheet

LED Light Sheet

LED Light Panel

LED light sheet, provides an ultra thin uniform backlighting sheet for any translucent surface   and manufactured in the UK to bespoke requirements, this innovative and versatile flat backlighting unit is made up to 2mtrs x3mtrs and can be cut to any custom shape for your light box 10mm depth upwards .

Modular Backlighting Panel Modular Backlighting Panel

Modular Backlighting Panel

LED Backlit Panels

The LED Backlit Panels create a thin, bright and even light source with LED modules mounted and prewired on  custom heat sinks,  keeping the LEDs cool and prolonging the life of the LED modules.

Illuminated Stair nosing Illuminated Stair nosing

LED Stair Nosing

Illuminated Stair nosing

LED Illuminated Stair nosing offers different profiles of stair nosing, with or without anti-skid material in the tread.

Designed to incorporate LED lighting, where the light is required for safety and decoration whilst making it the product of choice for theatres, and cinemas and as an overall safety marking system.

LED Backlighting Strip LED Backlighting Strip

LED Backlighting Strip

LED rigid strip modules

LED rigid strip modules designed for backlighting shallow light boxes and illuminating natural stone with a narrow void. Easy plug together units with cut to length convenience, low energy with a wide beam angle 40mm depth upwards.