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LED Backlighting Strip

The LED rigid backlighting strip is a modular, linear LED system for backlighting large light boxes, backlight natural stone and illuminated walls.

The simple product design makes it extremely cost effective and highly reliable for illuminating translucent material where you have greater than 40mm depth but want a cool lighting temperature.

The Rigid LED strip  delivers bright, uniform illumination and fast, easy installation in shallow applications more efficiently with lower energy consumption allowing for more product per power supply! 

  • Ideal for shallow backlighting from 40mm depth.

  • Designed for quick installation linking strips together.

  • Different length strips to aid installation.

  • Modules 4000k and 6500k.

  • Highly efficient allowing up to 21mtrs continuous connection from 1 power supply.

  • Light weight with a wide angled prism lens.

  • 5 Year warranty.

LED Rigid Backlighting Strip

The LED Rigid Strip uses clear prism lenses to ensure that more light leaves the led at its source for greater efficiency and distribution of light.

A powerful back-illuminating solution, the product is low profile and sleek in design, adding virtually no depth to lighting installations.

The LED system has been designed with ease of installation in mind for uncomplicated application, delivering a practical LED solution that delivers a stunning even illumination  Bringing surface material to life the modular led strip can be integrated to illuminate led light walls, backlit onyx surfaces, idea for illuminated bar fronts and light weight light boxes.