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Lite House Story
Bespoke LED Light Boxes
Our bespoke LED light boxes and framing solutions are each sold at affordable prices.
distinctive illumination
Experts in bringing distinctive illumination to bespoke architecture, environments, artwork and surfaces.

The humble beginnings

Lite House was formed in 2008 and was born out of the creation of thin lighting technology and a desire and obsession to illuminate beautiful surfaces in the most even and perfect way possible. We set out to learn about CRI, diffusion, lux levels, backlighting natural stone, scene setting and programming,  fine art printing, custom framing, wall grazing and linear lighting.

We  are the UK's leading manufacturer of bespoke fine art light boxes created to the highest possible standard made entirely in the UK.

We have crafted custom light boxes for artists, Galleries  and photographers all over the world and are passionate about illuminating art and bringing your vision to life.

Our fine art light boxes combine our evenly illuminated LED light panels with our in-house direct to media printing to produce the most flexible range of LED light boxes.

Our custom light boxes are hand sprayed to a body shop finish and supplied to fine art galleries worldwide.

Trusted by artists
Trusted by artists across the UK, we provide backlight illumination photography for fine art installations,artists and photographers.

Our Promise

We only put our trust in providers who deliver high class,
products, materials and solutions
Peter Sargent
Our Promise

Delivering Lighting Solutions Worldwide

Fine Art Solutions
Fine Art

Fine Art Solutions

Lite House have been the leading supplier of bespoke Fine Art Light boxes to galleries and artists worldwide since 2008.
Architectural Lighting Partner

Architectural Lighting Partner

d-led, a privately held manufacturer founded in 2004, develops and markets innovative designs for LED based lighting fixtures, drivers and light engines that integrate light and electronic control.

Bespoke Lighting Solutions

We have built our reputation on backlighting difficult to illuminate substrates and finding and creating framing solutions to bring the project to fruition.

Experts in bringing distinctive illumination to bespoke architecture, environments, artwork and surfaces.

Let's talk Back lighting

Back Lighting

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We always recommend coming in for a free consultation where we will work with you to get the best results from your file, test printing, colour retouching and file manipulation.

Or call us directly +44 (0)118 324 7340