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Bespoke Lightbox Framing

Bespoke Lightbox Solutions

Bespoke LED Lightboxes to showcase your creativity. Built to your exact specification. Bespoke LED Light Boxes for a variety of backlighting applications.

Bespoke Lightbox Framing, even illumination and backlit printing for your display lightbox, all made bespoke in-house.

Whatever you would like to back illuminate, we have a bespoke lightbox display frame, using even led technology to create your bespoke lightbox

Bespoke Illuminated Fake Windows Bespoke Illuminated Fake Windows

Fake Illuminated Windows

False and Fake window

This new and exciting faux window product can brighten up even the darkest of rooms with perfectly even illumination and create the illusion of looking out across a beautiful landscape.

Stained Glass Lightbox Stained Glass Lightbox

Illuminated Stained Glass Lightbox

Back illuminated stained glass lightbox

Back illuminated  stained glass light boxes are made for new and restored stained glass. If you have a piece of glass that needs restoring or back illuminating please get in touch and we can advise of the best way to bring it to life.

LED Snap Frame Bespoke Lightbox LED Snap Frame Bespoke Lightbox

Bespoke Duratran Light box

UK made led snap frame light box for back lighting Duratrans

UK made Duratran Light Box Snap Frame for the back illumination of Duratran prints.  Simple display lightboxes which we customise by powder coating to any RAL colour. These Duratran LED lightboxes are versatile because the snap frame enables you to change the duratran film quickly but still offer even high quality LED light distribution that is custom made to any size in the UK.

Bespoke Wellbeing Light Box Bespoke Wellbeing Light Box

Wellbeing Light Box

Well being light box

Light boxes with mindful lighting feature a high CRI natural daylight 5300k led to help aid mood, perception and well-being in a health care setting. High CRI values gives the best representation of how colours look in the natural world.

Battery Powered Lightbox Battery Powered Lightbox

Battery Powered Lightbox

Battery powered light box

Battery powered lightboxes are powered by high performance Lithium Polymer light weight battery packs making these the perfect scenario for portable lightboxes and situations that cant allow for cabling.

Illuminated Chessboard Illuminated Chessboard

Illuminated Chessboard

Back illuminated chess board

Chessboard light boxes  have been designed so that you can play chess at ant time of the day no matter where you are or how bad the lighting may be.

The board is printed in house and can be customised to any design, back lit from the underside it shows the detail of the pieces whilst creating an atmospheric playing ambience.