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Wellbeing Lightbox

Wellbeing Lightbox Solutions

Our Light boxes are designed to provide light therapy by mimicking outdoor natural daylight using high CRI leds to offer a colour rendering index closer to natural light.

The Led's used emit virtually no UV light and it is believed, this type of light may cause a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

We have worked with many artists and photographers to help create sympathetic light boxes for a well being setting . Typical areas of application have been, health centres, hospital wards and waiting rooms or even above a CAT scan machine to act as a calming tonic.

Wellbeing Lightbox

The subject of the art work can be very different but has a common theme, to engage the viewer and  to stimulate a response or feeling about the art work they are viewing.

One of the Leading artists in this field is Amy Shelton, who we have made an number of Led light boxes to show of her beautiful work.

About Amy Shelton link to:

We create artworks and artistic projects focussing on the natural world, human health and environmental wellbeing. We develop projects with an eclectic constellation of partners, building relationships with hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, schools, community groups, wildlife trusts, botanical gardens, arts centres, museums, libraries and galleries, who share our commitment to interrogating urgent questions and building healthy societies.