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Illuminated Surfaces

Illuminated Surfaces Lighting

Led lighting solutions that enhance and illuminate the beauty of your material and design

Whatever the application, natural stone, Onyx, Corian, glass, acrylic or resin we will help you back light and control the lighting to achieve perfect even illumination.

Lite Stone Lite Stone

Lite Stone

Translucent slate veneer

The UK's official lighting partners of   We offer advice and support on the installation and supply of bespoke backlighting solutions for Lite-stones' lightweight and flexible, 100% natural, stone veneers and natural stone split face cladding. 

Backlit Onyx Stone Backlit Onyx Stone

Back Illuminated Onyx Stone

Backlighting natural stone

Led backlighting solutions for the even illumination and backlighting of onyx stone and all-natural translucent materials led lighting solutions that will enhance and bring to life the stone's natural beauty, colour and depth.

Illuminated Splashback Illuminated Splashback

Illuminated Splashback

Illuminated led Kitchen splashback

Led splashbacks for residential and commercial use We build custom led solutions to illuminate led splashback materials and surfaces such as onyx, Corian, recycled glass and marble. Sizes and Shapes to your specification. Give impact to your interior design features.

Illuminated Walls Illuminated Walls

Illuminated Walls

Illuminated feature walls

Using UK made thin custom led panels combined with your space saving backlighting technology translucent material or a fine art printing solution in house we will assist you with the most economical and suitable backlighting technology for any illuminated  wall up to any size.

Illuminated Corian Illuminated Corian

Illuminated Corian

Backlighting Corian Translucent solid surface

We build custom lighting solutions to illuminate Corian materials. Sizes or Shapes to your specification. The Corian® Illumination Series surfaces have excellent light diffusion characteristics, making them ideal for flat even backlighting applications.

Illuminated Wine Storage Illuminated Wine Storage

Illuminated Wine Storage

Illuminated wine cellar

The ultimate back lighting project, combining all of our passions for led backlighting. Illuminating natural stone and the love of wine. Highlight your wine collection by adding a back lighting wall behind wine racks. Display your collection with perfect illumination and any colour temperature.