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Illuminated Corian Lighting

Corian is a man made material made from acrylic components and requires its own individual lighting strategy.

Choose from a range of translucent colour options that reveal the full radiance and depth of Corian® when exposed to light. Transform light into a tangible element to shape and mould, just imagine what you can do with the combination of light  and the unique thermoformable properties of Corian® solid surface.

Illuminated Corian Solutions

Recommended colours for this technique include the Corian Illumination, Prima and Onyx Aesthetics: Artic Ice, Glacier Ice, Mint Ice, Whipped Cream, Nimbus Prima, Dune Prima, Grey Onyx, and White Onyx.

The standard range of Corian is not translucent but can be milled down to 4mm in areas to let the illumination through, creating a stunning contrast.

Typical we light Corian using led light sheets or with Modular backlighting panels having assessed the design and proposed application, both products require a small diffusion gap. Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the application.

We can custom make the Led lighting panels in static white or tuneable options with a wide range of power supplies to control.

All leds are fully dimmable and RGB leds can but controlled with the standard DALI and DMX protocols.