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Art Light Box

Custom Fine Art Lightboxes

We create professional Fine Art custom Lightboxes to enhance the beauty or your image.

All of our UK MADE custom light boxes combine the highest quality led panels for the even illumination of your backlit artwork in a fine art gallery lightbox.

We will customise the entire process of your lightbox production, using backlit Duratran transparencies  or DTM fine art printing. We will help steer you through the initial design process down to the final finish of our hand-crafted led lightbox frames.

Custom Lightbox Framing and Printing

Fine Art Aluminium Lightbox

Fine Art Aluminium

Hand finished metal or hand sprayed aluminium welded frames with no mitres for strength and a beautiful finish are created to showcase your artwork and enable us to make very large Fine Art Photography Light Boxes.

Exhibition Lightbox


Our Exhibition Custom light box is made with the same level of care, printing and lighting technology but utilises an off the shelf wooden profile in standard black, white and grey finishes or alternatively a Bespoke hand stained obeche or oak profile.

Gallery Lightbox

Gallery Lightbox

Designed to look like an aluminium Fine Art Light Box but using a lower cost production method, this Photographic Light Box with a wooden frame, customized to any size has no mitres but is  CNC cut and hand sprayed to a body shop finish in house.

Retro Poloroid Light box

Polaroid Lightbox

The Polaroid style Photographic Lightbox is a take on the original Polaroid 600 film instant print made to the exact proportions of this early 80s classic. The Polaroid Lightbox frame  has slick hand sprayed white satin finish, but of course we can customize the finish and make it any size for you.

Lenticular Lightbox

Lenticular Lightbox

Lite House have been producing Custom Lenticular light boxes for over 10 years, working with world acclaimed artists to create this specialised form of artwork, printed across vertical lenses to create this constantly shifting illusion.

Custom Light Box

Custom LED Lightbox

We pride ourselves on having created many custom Light Box frames, whether a gold leaf finish, a solid brass frame or battery-powered.

Share your vision with us we will help bring this to life.

Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing

DTM Printing

The Printing for Bespoke Light Boxes is crucial, the illumination needs to be right, the blacks must be strong, the colour must pop the skin tones need be as good as portrait photography.

We will help you get this right through testing and experience.