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Fine Art Aluminium Lightbox

Our Aluminium Led Light boxes are hand welded and crafted in the UK. They are designed to offer a sleek yet robust frame and our Cutting edge Led technology is used to create an even illumination in all our lightboxes.

Bespoke Aluminium Light Box

The aluminium lightbox welded mitres are polished out to be invisible but give an incredibly strong result for very large light boxes. We tend to make these up to 2mtrs x 5mtrs with a 20mm face and 50mm depth but as always we can completely customise these for you.

Artists and Photographers are always drawn to these types of frames, the 3mm aluminium profile creates a very thin step at the front face. This enables a very thin face on a very large frame which isn't possible in timber.

Our Aluminium frames are usually a minimum of 50 mm deep, allowing for our own UK made dimming system and the 240v-12vdc transformer to be concealed in the rear of the frame. This is made ready for the connection to a 240v spur or socket.


The one touch push dimmer, sprayed to match the frame colour, is activated simply with a push to turn on/off or a prolonged push to dim down or up to 100%. This clever module also remembers the dimmer setting so the lightbox is always turned on to the exact set level of illumination.


The exterior frame is constructed from 3mm aluminium welded front and rear, welds are polished flat, etched, primed, sanded and sprayed to a body shop finish.

The internal subframe is 50mm wide x 30mm deep and made from tulip wood, cut at a 45 degree angle to accept a tulip wood split batten. The subframe is fixed through the aluminium frame with countersunk confirmat screws for extreme strength, sprayed to match the colour of the frame.

We also produce fine aluminium and brass unpainted frames and finish them to the highest spec possible. We can lacquer, spray, etch and tint our aluminium frames and create a huge array of styles that always complements and is respectful to the artwork.