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LED Snap frame

Bespoke LED Duratran Light Box

Custom Lightboxes for Durtran print and Duratran Film, these Led snap frames are a long established low cost method for back illuminating photographic Duratran prints 

The LED snap frame is the perfect Duratran Light box, the Duratran or backlit film does not need mounting. The 4 face sections can be opened to insert a duratran print or backlit film, once these are closed they hold the artwork in place, the front face is protected by 1mm petg material. This Led Snap Frame enables you to change the Backlit Duratran image at any time quickly and easily.

Duratran Snap Frame Light Box

Led Duratran Lightboxes for the highest quality backlit transparencies on Duratran film.

Making these ourselves in the UK, ours are a little different, made with stronger more rigid profiles to avoid any mitres opening and powder coated to any RAL Colour. Made in any bespoke size up to 1200mmx1500mm.