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battery powered lightbox

Battery Powered Lightbox

A Battery powered light box is a very useful practical solution for  a portable art piece, demonstration light box or illuminated games table. Can the light box be battery powered? Is a very common question when customers want to avoid cabling but having a 240v feed or socket behind a lightbox is a more practical long term solution. A battery powered light box is a very real option though if you are just looking for between 6-24 hrs illumination. This can be improved with 24v leds and dimming , 50% dimming gives double the illumination time on a charge.

battery Lightbox

Lithium Battery Powered Light box

The Batteries we use are Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Battery Packs of military grade and are 75% lighter than sealed lead acid batteries and have a very flat discharge rate.

They are also very compact for the amount of capacity provided and a built-in charge indicator shows how much power remains  in your battery and whether you need to recharge.

Flat Discharge - Brighter For Longer

Lithium polymer technology gives a very flat discharge curve which means sustained power to the end of the cycle. If you are powering lights they will remain brighter for longer, giving you sustained performance.

Safety Features

Integrated Electronic Battery Management System (BMS) provides the following protection:

  • Overcharge and over-discharge protection

  • Thermal protection
  • Short circuit protection